About the project

I easily forget things. It's something that I have been struggling to overcome. To cope, I developed a  habit of writing words on my hands to keep me reminded. Whether it is to warn me that my milk on the fridge will expire tomorrow or that my paper's due today or I have to buy crayons for my little cousin, I depend on the writings on my hands. Mostly though, I jot down words and phrases that keep me inspired and motivated. They make me calm. They do something wonderful to me that I can't explain. I somehow find strength in them. It is with this habit that I realized that I can do something bigger. If I find strength in words, what if others can as well?  And so the wheels turned and this project was born; a project emblazed with the hope of imparting something tangible and real.

To make it more personal for others , I thought of asking them for words. Words not from my mouth and heart but from theirs. Words that mean to them. Words that they cling to and find deeper meaning in. Each day, I would ask a person for a word and each day I will write down these words on my arm and take a photo. It is a two way project. I find inspiration with their words and hopefully, they can too. I'm praying that it can somehow rise to its purpose. This is my Word Project. This is OUR Word Project. This is Word Three Sixty Five.

365 days.
365 awesome words from friends.
365 encouragements from 365 souls.
365 ways to live from 365 lives.
One hand. One pen. One year.
One Project.
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